Your foot care clinic in Lanaudière, Laval and Montreal

Find comfort and well-being by offering you essential foot care in your clinic in Lanaudière, Laval and Montreal. With my center La Clinique Global Médic Soin, I offer foot care to treat mycoses, calluses in addition to offering massage therapy treatments for relaxation and relaxation! I have more than 20 years of experience and I can come home under certain conditions. Contact me to book your first session today!


Nurse for foot care at the clinic or at home in Lanaudière, Laval and Montreal

Do your feet cause you pain and prevent you from fully enjoying your activities? Do not stay in discomfort and treat yourself to foot care with my clinic in Lanaudière, Laval and Montreal. I am a nurse and I specialize in the treatment of foot problems such as:

Diabetic foot




Ingrown nail


If you are unable to come to my clinic, I also offer a home service! I travel to your home with all the products and tools necessary to offer you effective and definitive foot care. I am at your disposal for the duration of the treatment, and I make sure that you find your health and the pleasure of your activities!

Relaxing massage therapy

In my Global Medic Care Clinic, my goal is to help you regain your health while enjoying your activities! In addition to my foot care, I offer a relaxing massage therapy service! Rejuvenate yourself while taking care of yourself. You can also combine your foot care with my massage therapy services for a complete, rejuvenating treatment that is good for your health.


A caring nurse for your health for over 20 years!

I founded my foot care and massage therapy clinic over 20 years ago to help my clients take care of their health. My priority is your well-being above all, and I offer you a fully personalized service for your needs. I adapt to your particularities during our meetings, and I am always at your disposal. I am passionate about my job, and I am happy to be able to provide you with essential foot care for your health!

I offer rapid care for my patients, and I welcome athletes, the elderly, and all personal requiring foot care.


Contact me to make a quick first appointment!

Take care of your health by making a first appointment with your foot care and massage therapy specialist in Laval, Lanaudière and Montreal: Clinique Global Médic Soin! I have been your professional nurse for over 20 years in the area! Contact me to make a quick first appointment!

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